Selection of Student reviews

"The TA was very helpful and always on hand to help students in need. Shows that he cares about the students a lot."

"Very patient and always willing to go over concepts which students did not fully understand."

"Very helpful and engaging. Never critical and always open to questions and concerns from students."

"He has a true understanding of the concepts and is able to effectively explain the material. Clearly a smart man."

"Really helped me get through this course, would not understand 1/2 of the material if it wasn't for him."

"Matteo always makes sure that all students understand the concepts and are engaging. He cares about the class understanding the material and asks if anyone is confused. He explains concepts in different ways to further our understanding."

"He genuinely cares about the students and wants the best for us. He explains concepts in different ways for all students to understand."

"Matteo is really good at explaining concepts and makes class more enjoyable."

"The instructor was great, and really helped everyone to understand the concepts."

"Loved coming to his discussion."

"Anyone who gets Matteo as an instructor is lucky!"

"So far the best TF I have had for a class that generally cares about students."

"He's the best around."

"Amazing. Give this man a raise."